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Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Celebrates 38 Years of Sobriety!

Rob Halford

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Celebrates 38 Years of Sobriety!

Most folks haven’t even been on Earth 38 years, so to make that a mark of sobriety is something to behold. Judas Priest’s Rob Halford knows this, because he himself beholds the milestone. And he took to Instagram on his sober birthday to share all that he sees.

Thanks to BLABBERMOUTH.NET for the transcription.

“Hello, everyone. One day at a time for 38 years. Thank you, higher power, family, friends, metal maniacs, my sponsor Bob for gifting me these commemorative coins I treasure.

“Each one of you make this sober birthday happen. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is uncharted. Today is all that matters. Prayer, self-inventory, amending, holding out your hand — the simple things in life mean the most.

“To those of us on this same path we walk together, keep walking. To you who may be ready to take the first step, there’s a wonderful new life of unconditional blessings filled with love and acceptance waiting for you with open arms. I’m lifted up and grateful for every moment I live with you all.

“Thanks again, everyone. I love you very much.”

And with that the mad metal monster bid his adieu – exhibiting nothing but Stained Class.


Healing Properties Congratulates Rob Halford on reaching his tremendous milestone and for showing other metal heads that you don’t have to drink and drug to go loud. Heck, Halford’s been going loud for four decades and still shows no signs of letting up!

Rock on, Rob Halford! Rock on!

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