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Miami Police Get “Real-Life Grinch” Off the Streets

Miami Police

Miami Police Get “Real-Life Grinch” Off the Streets

The Miami Police Department’s Special Investigation Section just pulled off a big double whammy and hauled in nearly $1M in narcotics and stolen merchandise recovered from a single Miami home.

It was all part of a retail theft ring probe reported Channel 7’s Michael Hudak and Ruben Rosario.

“Police said they made a big bust while executing a search warrant in Miami — not only involving drugs, but hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise,” the City of Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales told a group of reporters.

Morales used a holiday season icon to describe the man they took into custody.

“This guy right here is absolutely a real-life Grinch,” said the Chief. “We’re glad that he’s off the streets.”

So are we, Chief. So are we.

From the Station

Detectives said there was an organized drug ring as well as an organized retail theft ring being operated from inside a house in the area of Northwest 24th Avenue and 14th Street.

What officers were not expecting, police said, was to stumble onto something other than narcotics

Investigators said the officers who executed the narcotics search warrant recovered large quantities of cocaine, cash and firearms.

“Hundred of thousands of dollars worth of suspected stolen property,” said Morales.

Police believe the offender homeowner would resell the stolen materials from shoplifters across South Florida.

The stolen goods include products from CVS, T.J. Maxx, Home Depot and other retailers.

“We’re talking anywhere from hundreds of drills, impact windows, a large quantity of liquor,” said Morales.

Police said the man they took into custody lives at the home, and he would exchange drugs for the stolen items.

“He set up his own little store here,” said Morales.

A picture shared by detectives showed a Home Depot trailer that they rented filled up to the brim with merchandise, including power tools and equipment. Investigators said the contents of the truck come from just one room in the house.

In total, detectives said, they recovered close to $1 million in drugs and sales items.

Police said the man they took into custody will likely face several charges, including drug trafficking.

Detectives said they are going to take truckloads filled with the merchandise and let retail stores in Miami-Dade and other counties come to the department to determine whether any of the stolen items belong to them.

All in all, it was a great haul by our Miami Police Department!

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