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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Program

We offer a one-of-a-kind 30-day inpatient addiction treatment program that’s as comprehensive as it is effective. It’s known as our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). A 30-day overhaul that gets to the source of your problem in order to free you to pursue what matters most. Ask yourself: Am I ready to commit to 30 days that will change the rest of my life? What do you have to lose?!

Now is the Time for Truth and a Time to be Heard
It’s Time to Learn How to Listen
This is the Time to Grow!

Daily Groups and One-on-Ones

Not a day will go by when you’re not challenged to apply yourself to recovery. And not a day will go by when you won’t be provided with the recovery tools necessary to challenge yourself. We’re talking insight. And while our trained staff may lead the facilitating, the insight will come from your peers, as well as from your inner self.

Among our lead facilitators is Rabbi Mark “The Gromit” Rotenberg. In a previous era, “The Gromit” was an infamous LA punk rock tattoo artist with his own equally infamous Venice Beach tattoo shop. Then the Cali legend found God -- and sobriety. And after much serious study became the Rabbi we know and love today. Rabbi Mark is Minister to the Community. But he’s also as likely to give you the heel of his Chuck Taylors as he is to impart the wisdom you need to kick addiction to the curb, once and for all. (Open Door Policy, add credentials and history)
Have you ever googled something on the computer? Of course you have. Well, our human google machine, David “Doogle” Zaiff, is our relapse prevention point man. Through his research and practical application of our Basic Training technique, he makes a point in making sure you won’t ever have to see the wrong side of the relapse equation. Because relapse doesn’t have to happen. If you’re given the right tools and provided the proper guidance, your sobriety will stick for good. (Open Door Policy, add credentials and history, Basic Training?)


The wreckage brought about by addiction can often be overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact that it can undercut your efforts at recovery. And whether it’s legal entanglements (i.e. suspended or revoked drivers licenses, open court cases, unpaid fines, etc.), social bedevilments (i.e. family alienation, a shaky marriage, etc.), some sort of work/school disruption, or any other obstacle that might derail your recovery, we design a personal plan that will help to mitigate if not downright eliminate those factors. In other words, we’ll craft a targeted plan that will provide the peace of mind necessary to effect a successful recovery. And we’ll do it just for you. (meets once a week, open door)

Paintball. Kickball. Softball. Deep Sea Fishing. Bowling. A movie here. A putt-putt golf course there. Even the occasional foray to a genuine pinball museum. It’s all part of our finding strength in fellowship and camaraderie. Here you’ll forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Because the friendships will have been forged while your very lives were on the line. We mean solid, unbreakable bonds. As solid and as unbreakable as your newfound sobriety.
Our residences are just steps away from our treatment facility. And our behavioral technicians are even closer. This way you’re never more than seconds away from directly receiving whatever help you might need, whenever you might need it. (at least once a week, same therapist, open door)
We maintain a wide-open door policy. Always have. Always will. So, whether you have questions for your therapist, issues requiring assistance from your case manager or even an item to address with our founder/owner himself, there will always be someone on hand to assist. We take that access seriously. And we’ll forever ensure you have access whenever necessary. (why open door)
Recovery requires a complete balancing of body, mind and spirit, and our recovery program fully focuses on attending to all three matters. Consequently, we provide an individualized holistic wellness program through our affiliate FTX Wellness, in addition to open access to our on-site gym. The former includes everything from massage, acupressure and other beneficial aspects of holistic healing, as well as personalized training. The latter allows you the freedom to work out with your peers and forge an ever-stronger bond among the community.


Making the choice between inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment is sometimes difficult. These two types of programs are very different pathways. This choice comes down to your personal needs, how much you have been using, how many problems you have, and how long your addiction has been a part of your life.

Our partial hospitalization (PHP) program at Healing Properties occurs in our nonhospital setting with an introduction to talk therapy that occurs in group and individual therapy session. Healing Properties utilizes this short-term program as a way to provide intensive treatment based on our modified 12-step approach. Healing Properties’ partial hospitalization program offers daily schedules that will be followed each day. This helps you to build responsibility and accountability to structure; something you most likely struggle with during addiction or while drinking.
You may enter into partial hospitalization treatment following step-down from medical detoxification services or residential inpatient treatment. If you have medical and mental health conditions which require monitoring, symptoms of post-acute withdrawals (PAWS), have recently relapsed, or require being in a structured and supervised environment you will benefit from this level of care. Further, if you have struggled to maintain your sobriety in the past due to factors such as an unhealthy or supportive living environment, limited support system, or feel unable to cope with distressing psychosocial stressors without using substances you would require a more intensive level of care such as our partial hospitalization program.


At Healing Properties, we offer partial hospitalization programming with residential housing for you in close proximity to our clinical building. Upon intake you will meet with our admission team who help facilitate your transition into treatment. You will receive an orientation to our program, tour the facility, and be introduced to our staff. 


Therapeutic activities and medical assessments are intensive within this level of treatment while complying with the partial hospitalization programmatic schedule. All of these assessments are utilized to identify and address underlying causes, problematic behavioral patterns, measure levels of motivation, and unresolved issues contributing to your addictive behaviors.

Treatment at this level of care will provide you with a foundation in recovery through medical and therapeutic services, a residential sober living environment, transportation to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and be taught the skills to transition successfully into the local community.
This level of care will provide you with a specifically tailored approach to your personalized needs. Healing Properties believes that combining treatment for your medical and psychiatric needs, along with involvement in a 12-step program will provide you with the necessary structure for long-term recovery. 

Our therapists utilize interventions from:

  • Psychoeducational
  • Brief solution focused therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Twelve step facilitation
  • Relapse prevention
Healing Properties is committed to addressing both medical and psychiatric needs of our clients. A thorough medical and psychiatric history will be taken to provide individuals with a strong foundation to focus on their recovery. Individuals will receive blood work to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Our medical staffs are committed to providing the necessary medical oversight. When a mental health diagnosis or medical condition is identified the necessary specific medical interventions and treatment planning will be coordinated.Individuals will further be provided with education and information in regards to Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), specifically with anti-craving medications such as Vivitrol and Naltrexone. Healing Properties believes that for individuals to be fully invested in recovery they will need to have ongoing medical or psychiatric struggles addressed. 
Upon admission you will be introduced to your primary therapist, who will work with you and throughout your treatment episode. Our clinical team is comprised of highly trained and competent staff. Beginning with a Biopsychosocial Assessment, you will collaborate with your therapist to provide an in-depth history of your past to examine what factors are contributing to your substance use issues. You will further determine your goals and objectives, with the help of your therapist, to attain during your treatment episode in a treatment plan. This assessment will further highlight past struggles, current stressors, and pending concerns to incorporate into treatment. Healing Properties believes in an eclectic approach to treatment in which you will have oversight from each staff member at all times. In addition, we have open door policy to encourage you to seek assistance at any point during the day.  Healing Properties’ partial hospitalization programmatic schedule will consist of you meeting with your primary therapist at least for one-hour long individual session per week, receive 30+ hours of group therapy per week, and meet with case management staff at least once per week. Your individual sessions will consist of the primary therapist providing individual therapy, monitoring your concurrent medical and psychiatric needs, and measuring progress towards your treatment goals.Healing Properties further encourages family involvement in treatment as addiction affects the whole family unit; our facility provides support and education to families through telephonic sessions and an online webinar occurring once per week. Group therapy will provide clinical process, twelve-step facilitation, psychoeducational information, spirituality, life skills training, along with health and fitness activates. Case management staff will assist you with addressing any legal issues, scheduling medical appointments, and providing further clinical oversight. 
Healing Properties offers effective treatment because it focuses on various needs and not just on your alcohol and drug use. The National institute on Drug Addiction reported that inpatient treatment should focus on medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems of each individual. Healing Properties’ partial hospitalization (PHP) treatment program focuses on these problems and also focuses on resocialization of everyone. We have the ability to use our surrounding community including the residents, the staff, and the social context as active components of treatment. Treatment focuses on teaching personal accountability and activities to help clients examine problematic beliefs, self-concepts, and destructive patterns of behaviors so that they can learn and implement new constructive ways to interact with others. Healing Properties uses group counseling and therapy as it provides social reinforcement through peer discussion, this helps to promote an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. You will also have group with peers in treatment where you will connect with others who are going through challenges similar to yours. Mental health professionals facilitate groups to help you to build self-confidence, interpersonal skills, work through solutions to your problems, practice healthy coping skills, and gain additional insight into yourself. Group therapy is most effective when used in combination with individualized drug counseling. You will be assigned to a therapist who is trained to treat substance use disorder and mental health conditions. You will address underlying conditions that have been contributing to your addiction or alcoholism. These challenges can include poor coping skills, conflict resolution skills, and communication skills. Underlying issues of addiction also include medical conditions, mental health conditions, and family or origin issues. Our therapists utilize interventions from:psychoeducationalbrief solution focused therapycognitive behavioral therapydialectical behavioral therapyinterpersonal therapymotivational interviewingtwelve step facilitationrelapse prevention

Beyond the medical and therapeutic services offered at Healing Properties, our facility provides further assistance to you in the beginning of your recovery. You will live onsite within our residential housing in addition to our structured sober living.


You will also be required to attend seven AA meetings per week with transportation provided by this facility. You are required to have a verifiable Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step sponsor within the first week of admission and are further required to meet onsite with this sponsor. Healing Properties has been helping men achieve recovery since 2002, and has a large alumni network that continues to provide service and support to those currently in treatment. Our alumni play an integral role by helping those in treatment create a support network outside of a clinical setting, are active role models for what life will look like after treatment, and further help you to engage in a 12-step program. Healing Properties believes in the support, which AA will provide as you complete, and transition out of treatment into your new life in recovery.


Family involvement is an invaluable part of your success in treatment and recovery. Healing Properties include this integral aspect of treatment by unique and inclusive family education weekly webinar. Families’ will often bare the brunt of the stemming affects of a loved ones’ addiction or alcoholism. This webinar provides educational information, resources, and a source of support for those he wants to take a more proactive role in their loved ones’ recovery. This webinar occurs on Thursday nights from 7:30 p.m.-9:30 with the goal of equipping the family with the necessary tools to effect long-term recovery. 

 If you’re ready to learn how to build confidence and self-esteem, contact Healing Properties today at 866-470-7541.

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