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Slovakia is Being Overrun with Junkie Swans

Junkie Swans

Slovakia is Being Overrun with Junkie Swans

It all started back in February when a few handfuls of swans started showing up in the poppy fields surrounding Komárno, Slovakia’s principal port on the Danube. As time passed, more and more swans started showing up, wreaking unmitigated havoc on the poppy farms. Seems the swans liked the poppy so much, they became junkies.

Worse, not only have these birds destroyed the poppy plants, but they have also become dangerously intoxicated, rendering them unable to fly properly and easy targets for predators. Tragically, some swans have even lost their lives due to overdosing on the opium-rich poppy plants.

Adding to the farmers’ distress is the fact that swans are protected species in Slovakia. This means that the farmers are unable to resort to forceful methods to remove the birds from their fields, despite the ongoing devastation to their crops. Furthermore, neither private insurers nor the government cover the damages caused by swans, leaving the farmers in a dire situation.

Call in the Heroes

In response to this peculiar predicament, animal rescuers and volunteers, including those from the Slovak Environmental Protection Agency, are making valiant efforts to relocate the swans. The hope is that a change in surroundings will help the swans detoxify from their addiction. However, experts express concerns that once the swans have recovered, they may be drawn back to the poppy fields, exacerbating the problem.

A video shared by DW News captured the determined volunteers diligently removing intoxicated swans from the poppy fields to relocate them. In response to the video, social media users expressed a mix of amusement and concern.


These swans needed an intervention to save them from poppy addiction. #swans #birdsoftiktok #birds #slovakia

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One Twitter user humorously remarked, “So the swans are now going cold turkey…” while another person expressed a blend of amusement and sadness, stating, “Addicted swans, now I’ve heard it all. I can’t decide if this is really funny or just sad.”

Funny or sad is right. Unfortunately, it’s more sad than funny. We know what people go through with addiction; imagine what it’s like for a poor swan? They wouldn’t even have any reference for the pain and discomfort.

As the Economic Times states, as the farmers in Komarno continue to grapple with this extraordinary situation, finding a long-term solution that safeguards both the crops and the swans remains a significant challenge. The story of these addicted swans serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected complexities that arise when the natural world intersects with human activities, leaving farmers in a difficult position and wildlife conservationists seeking innovative strategies to mitigate the issue.

Healing Properties wishes them all the luck in the world.

Image from DW Video.

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