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Recovery Boot Camp Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is the natural progression of Healing Properties Sober Living Community’s fifteen years of successfully helping men recover from the seemingly hopeless state of mind and body that comes from drug and alcohol addiction. Healing Properties has been in operation since 2002 and it continues to provide men with a safe, clean, healthy, and structured sober living environment to aid those with combating and overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. Recovery Boot Camp and Healing Properties are centrally located in Delray Beach, Florida, providing a convenient location to 12-step meetings, employment opportunities, and a half a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. Healing Properties has never been and will never be your average sober living environment. As to remain a tenant, one must be actively attending NA/AA meetings, utilizing a 12-step sponsor, working the 12-steps, interacting with sober supports, and implementing daily living skills necessary for long-term recovery. Tenants are screened and monitored closely to ensure that they are both motivated and serious about their recovery from chemical dependency. The goal of Healing Properties has always been to allow residents an example of how to live life, build a recovery foundation, and set an example to others within the community. Healing Properties’ philosophy has always been and will continue to be based on the genuine principles and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs.

There is no way to sugarcoat the truth: recovery is sometimes not an easy process. The owner of Healing Properties, Timothy Schnellenberger, saw a grave need within the Delray Beach community to provide longer term care as individuals were dropping into oblivion every day outside of Healing Properties due to them not understanding the importance of 12-steps and the power of drug addiction. As a result, Timothy has created our sister program Recovery Boot Camp. Recovery Boot Camp has the ability to fill the gap and meet the need of both our residents and community alike. The goal of Recovery Boot Camp is to help individuals set the ground work for not only a sober but also a fulfilling life. We have created an innovative program that utilizes clinical interventions, case management services, life skills training, Recovery Dynamics, individual therapy, group therapy, medical interventions, and sober living arrangements to achieve this goal.

If you’ve been through treatment before and didn’t finish the program or relapsed afterward, Recovery Boot Camp is the last treatment program you’ll need to find true recovery and become the man you were meant to be.

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If you are a man afflicted with addiction, call Healing Properties today to get help overcoming and achieving a productive & successful Sober Living.

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