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Recovery Boot Camp Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is the natural progression of Healing Properties Sober Living Community’s fifteen years of successfully helping men recover from substance abuse. Healing Properties was established in 2002 and it continues to provide men with a safe, clean, healthy, and structured sober living environment. Both RBC and HP are especially designed to assist men in overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. And both are centrally located in the active and thriving recovery community of Delray Beach, Florida. That puts us close to 12-step meetings, many recovery-friendly employment opportunities, and just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Just as Healing Properties never has been and never will be your average sober home, Recovery Boot Camp is not your ordinary rehab. It never will be either. Like HP, RBC clients must be actively implementing the daily living skills necessary for long-term recovery. That means attending NA/AA meetings, utilizing a 12-step sponsor, working the 12-steps and interacting with sober supports. All clients are also closely screened and monitored to ensure that they remain motivated about their recovery. Healing Properties’ goal has always been to show residents how to live life, build a recovery foundation, and set an example to others within the community. Recovery Boot Camp now fully trains men to meet that goal.

Recovery isn’t always easy. It takes work. It takes commitment. And it takes time. That’s the primary reason Timothy Schnellenberger founded Healing Properties in the first place. As more and more men began dropping into oblivion though, Timothy saw the need to teach men not just the the importance of the 12 Steps, but also the dynamics of addiction. Consequently he created Recovery Boot Camp.

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Recovery Boot Camp provides addicted men with the tools necessary for long-term sobriety. Our innovative Basic Training program is especially designed to meet addiction head-on. And it’s become a proven success. In fact, our program not only helps RBC succeed in sobriety, it’s also helped us exceed the national recovery average.

Recovery Boot Camp’s addiction treatment includes:


  • clinical interventions
  • case management services
  • life skills training
  • 12 Step dynamics
  • individual and group therapy
  • medical interventions
  • family recovery programs
  • sober living arrangements


Whether you’ve been through treatment before and relapsed afterward or you’re seeking addiction treatment for the very first time, Recovery Boot Camp can help. Better yet, we will help. All you’ve got to do is commit. We’ll get you through from there.

Do you want to become the man you were meant to be? Of course you do. So does your family. And so do your friends. So let Recovery Boot Camp show you the way.


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