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How to Find a Reliable Halfway House

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How to Find a Reliable Halfway House

Defining a Reliable Halfway House

Reliable is a heckuva word. As an adjective it means “consistently good in quality or performance and able to be trusted.” As a noun it’s defined as “a person or thing with trustworthy qualities.” It’s hard to find a consistently reliable someone or something. It’s even harder to find a consistently reliable halfway house.

But it’s not impossible. There are sober houses with consistent track records. There are also trustworthy professionals. If reliability is essential to successful drug treatment (and it is), then you’ll want a facility that has proven itself time and time again. You’ll want a principled place that puts people first. And you’ll want a sober house with a history of helping men achieve long-term sobriety.

The Reliability of Healing Properties

Healing Properties has been a reliable halfway house since 2002. We’ve helped thousands of men reach long-term sobriety. And we are good at what we do. We have to be. These men have trusted us with their lives.

The people behind Palm Beach’s Sober Homes Task Force also know we’re to be trusted. So do WPBF, Politico and the Palm Beach Post. Each of the aforementioned are in the business of defining who and what is and isn’t trustworthy. And all consequently call HP founder Tim Schnellenberger “one of the good guys.”

What We Offer

Healing Properties is a no-nonsense sober living facility. We offer a safe, secure environment for men seeking to achieve long-term sobriety. And we’ve helped thousands of addicts find life beyond their wildest dreams. We’re built on the fellowship of our adjacent Recovery Boot Camp. And we reconnect loved ones through our affiliated Schnellenberger Family Foundation.

Healing Properties also adheres to A.A.’s 12 Step dynamic. And we pride ourselves on carrying out the organizations Principles and Traditions in everything we do. Why? Because it works. Plain and simple. And because we’ve found it to be the surest way to staying a reliable halfway house.

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