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Since you are reading the Healing Properties website, it is safe to assume that you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction. How many times have people said you need to quit, cut down, or just simply stop? We understand that when your brain becomes chemically altered from substance abuse that just quitting or stopping is most often times impossible on your own. Healing Properties provides inpatient treatment that is also known as residential treatment, rehab, or residential stabilization. You may be asking yourself, what exactly is inpatient? Inpatient treatment provides you with 24-hour care within our onsite living arrangements; facilities that feel like home. Inpatient rehabilitation is much more effective because it is highly structured and supervised. This structure helps you to focus less on the distractions and problems in your life and more on physical and psychological healing.


No single treatment is perfect or appropriate for everybody. When you decide to seek treatment our admissions staff will complete an assessment of your overall situation. We will be able to determine the best course of action for your given situation or circumstances from this assessment and discussions with you. Healing Properties has the ability to match our treatment settings, interventions, and services to your particular problems and needs. It is important to know that not everyone needs medically supervised detox; this is why Healing Properties offers our residential stabilization program.

Inpatient residential stabilization treatment helps with:

Path to Recovery

Residential stabilization is sometimes one of the first big steps in your path to recovery because addiction recovery is a process and not a single event. The purpose of residential stabilization program is to help you to stop using and to get back onto the path of recovery or to get your path to recovery started for the first time.

Safe, Supportive, and Comfortable Stabilization Services

We understand that coming back from a relapse or just discharging from medical detoxification services can be both uncomfortable and at times scary. You will benefit from stabilization if your relapse occurred over a short period of time not requiring detoxification services or even if you have just completed medical detoxification services but still feel less than one hundred percent both physically and emotionally. Healing Properties’ residential stabilization unit is a perfect fit for both of these unique situations. Healing Properties offers safe, supportive, and comfortable stabilization services allowing you the environment to determine your goals for recovery. This is critical to your success in returning to productive functioning.

Post-Detox Residential Stabilization

Healing Properties provides post-detox residential stabilization for the purpose of addressing prolonged symptoms related to post-acute withdrawal or PAWS. Our medical team has the ability to create a plan to holistically treat your mind, body, and spirit. You will undergo a series of assessments within the stabilization program. Our staff will be able to provide you with dietary recommendations, natural supplements, pain relievers, non-narcotic medications, anti-craving regiments, and sleep hygiene tools in addition to ensuring your needs are met. Healing Properties offers comfort medications during your earliest phases in treatment. These medications help with post-acute withdrawal or PAWS symptoms. Each of our clients will receive highly individualized medical treatment to determine any need for optional pharmacological regiment(s) to assist with PAWS symptoms.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Short-term memory impairments
  • Low enthusiasm
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Problems making decisions
  • Alcohol and drug cravings
  • Anhedonia
  • Depression
  • Irritability and agitation
  • Problems with concentration
  • Irritability
  • Emotional regulation issues
  • Problems with impulse control
  • Cravings

Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS)

Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) are both physical and emotional in nature. Therefore, ongoing support provided by our many therapists and counselors is also important. This support will help to reduce the intensity of your symptoms and make your experience more tolerable. Healing Properties’ clinical staff will equip you with the tools to succeed without being discouraged within your early recovery efforts. Our staff understands where you are right now and we look forward to helping you see what your life can become. During treatment will be educated about what to expect for recovery, taught how to join a 12-step support group, and if before treatment relapse happens to be a part of your story then this will be viewed as a valuable learning opportunity.

It is never too late to take action and become the best version of yourself. Stabilization is a crucial component within in the substance abuse treatments provided by Healing Properties. It is always recommended that you follow inpatient treatment by an extended outpatient treatment program and/or aftercare program because this will help lower the risk of relapse once the residential setting is left. Healing Properties will help you to learn to navigate the stressors of early recovery with us by your side each step of the way; check out our different programs here.

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