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Slapping Therapy Guru Accused of Manslaughter

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Slapping Therapy Guru Accused of Manslaughter

Seems the long arm of the law not only stretches across continents, but it also seems to wear a watch. How else to explain Australia’s extradition of a slapping therapy murderer a full seven years after the death? It sure wasn’t kismet.

Here’s the lowdown:

The culprit – one Hongchi Xiao, 60 – had been free to practice his slap happy therapy since the October 2016 death of Danielle Carr-Gomm, 71. Not anymore. UK authorities snatched him up coming out of Australia and charged him with manslaughter over the death of Carr-Gomm who died after one of Xiao’s slapping therapy workshops which she’d taken to relieve herself from diabetic medicine administration. (She was afraid of needles.) Ms. Carr-Gomm had been participating in what’s called paida lajin therapy, which requires clients to be repeatedly slapped in order to release toxins.

Apparently, she was slapped one time too many.

Wonder if Carr-Gomm would’ve chanced the therapy had she known about the death of the 6-year-old diabetic boy. After all, he died from the same exact thing. Unfortunately, authorities didn’t pursue charges in that case for two years; then they arrested the parents for manslaughter. Apparently, mom and dad had denied food and medicine to their son who had Type 1 diabetes.

Be that as it may, Carr-Gomm would be dead by the time the parents were arrested and charged.

You Have to Be Hard a Little Bit; Cruel a Little Bit

In his book, “Paida and Lajin Self-Healing,” Xiao claimed “you have to be hard a little bit; cruel a little bit” if you’re going to succeed with slapping therapy. He also wrote that doctors are “brainwashed” by drug producers to act as salesmen for their drugs. Therefore, a doctor instructs diabetic patients to take hypoglycemic drugs, telling them that if their blood sugar is not under control, it will easily lead to a number of heart problems.

Remember, Xiao is not a doctor.

Xiao writes:

“In short, diabetes is caused by endocrine disorders, which is related to the heart, i.e. a condition due to emotional problems. Some people are overly obsessed with money, power, social status or their children, and these obsessions make them tense and anxious all the time. Naturally, the endocrine system will not function properly.

Xiao writes in a footnote in his book that these are not medical treatments. But, he writes, to “cure” diabetes one must “not be misled by its name,” he says.

“Diabetics should first be happy and self-assured, and learn to let go” and practice his “paida lajin” techniques to cleanse the internal organs, he said. If diabetics slap themselves in the inner elbows, bruising — considered manifestations of a toxic waste called “sha” — will appear.

“You have to be hard a little bit, cruel a little bit,” Xiao said in a video posted last year. “But not too much.”

Wonder how this mindset affected the 6-year-old.

All of this comes to light after Xiao’s manslaughter charges were tied to Carr-Gomm suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. This is where the diabetic has a lack of insulin and requires immediate medical attention. Apparently, Xiao denied his diabetic patients insulin during slapping therapy.

Seeking Slapping Therapy

Danielle Carr-Gomm sought “alternative methods of treating and dealing with her diabetes” because she feared needles. It’s gotta be one of the most common situations in medicine.

“I know she was desperate to try and cure herself of this disease,” said her son, Matthew. “She always maintained a healthy lifestyle and was adamant that nothing would stop her from living a full life.”

Well, on October 20, 2016, the forward -thinking grandmother was found dead in her room at Cleeve House, Wiltshire. She had been participating in a workshop on paida lajin therapy, which requires clients to be repeatedly slapped in order to release toxins. Most participants wind up bleeding and bruised as a result. They usually don’t end up dead though.

Nobody should die as a result of some experimental treatment. Then again, folks like Xiao shouldn’t be allowed to ply their “trade” without at least some rudimentary medical training. He should’ve been able to recognize the conditions and responded accordingly. Instead, he just let her die.

If you’re seeking some alternative treatment, please do your homework. Ask around, in person if possible; get a good bead on the sitch before committing. That experimental test drive might just mean your life.

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