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Sober Living in South Florida

Sober Living in South Florida

Sober Living in South Florida

Sober living in South Florida might sound like an contradiction, especially to those whose idea of South Florida comes from tabloids and reality shows. But rest assured, South Florida consists of more than overflowing liquor, unlimited drugs and all-night clubs. Much, much more. In fact, South Florida boasts one of the largest sober living communities in the entire country. And it’s growing larger by the day.

Much of widespread sober living in South Florida comes, of course, from its extensive network of addiction treatment centers and sober homes. The South Florida recovery industry is well-established. It’s also heavily regulated to ensure successful treatment for addiction and transitioning to sobriety. Success didn’t come quick, and it didn’t come easy. (It never does.) But when a successful recovery mindset did come, it left in its wake a population of untold thousands who are now living in long-term sobriety.

That massive shift in sober population, of course, provides a massive amount of sober support. It also establishes a healthy climate for recovery.

Sober Living in South Florida: What to Look For

Here are a few things to look for when seeking sober living in South Florida:


Is the sober living facility near beaches and other healthy outdoor activities? Is it close to gainful employment opportunities? How about shops, cafes and restaurants? Will you have easy access to those as well? There are many reasons South Florida is such a popular destination. Make sure your sober home let’s you take advantage of them.


How long has a particular sober living facility been in business? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? A decade or more? A fly-by-night operator occasionally slips by the authorities. Make sure your sober home isn’t one of them. A reputable halfway house will have been in the recovery business for a good long while.

Success Rate

Does the sober house have a successful track record? Can it be proven via reviews and testimonials? If so, how many? And what exactly do they say about the sober living facility? Its staff? Its program? A successful sober home prepares men for long-term sobriety. Make sure your sober home knows how to succeed.

The 12 Steps

Yes, believe it or not, sober living in South Florida depends largely on the strength and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. And a reputable sober home will insist its residents make meetings and work the 12 Steps. Remember: addiction is the problem. A.A. is the solution. No fooling.

A Staff in Recovery

Has the staff at your sober home been there and done that? Can they identify with your predicament and relate to your problem? Have they put their experience to work for them — and for others? The best sober living facility is staffed by addiction treatment professionals who are themselves in recovery. For it is the ex-addict that knows best how to help make an ex-addict.

At the Forefront of Sober Living in South Florida

Healing Properties has long been at the forefront of sober living in South Florida. We’ve been in the recovery business since 2002. And over that time we’ve helped over 5000 men achieve long-term sobriety. We’re close to everywhere you need to be, whether it’s entertainment, the beach or job opportunities. And we strictly adhere to the tenets and principles of A.A. In fact, we insist our residents work a strong 12-Step program, for the very simple reason that it works. Got questions? Check our sober house reviews. They come from all across the country and are unanimous in their praise of our recovery program.

Healing Properties knows how to succeed in sobriety. Give us a ring and find out how you can join the sober life today!

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