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The Go-To South Florida Sober Home

The Go-To South Florida Sober Home

South Florida Sober Home

What do you need to look for in a South Florida sober home? First, would be longevity. Many a sober living facility pops up then disappears the next day, month or year. The reputable sober homes stick around. The best halfway houses stay in business because they mean business.

Yes, with longevity comes reputation. Is the sober home accredited? If so, by whom? You’ll also want to choose a South Florida sober home based upon how they’re spoken about by former clients. Read the reviews. (If, that is, the sober home site provides reviews.) Are there many? Are they positive? Do they seem sincere? And how far back do the sober house’s reviews go? Months? Years? A decade? More?

And what about those reviews? Do they show a sober home’s success rate? The successful sober house has a track record of long-term sobriety. And they’ve earned it. With each and every newly sober former addict.

Last, you’ll want to consider rules and regulations. A sober home stay is not a vacation. It’s an opportunity to get your life back in order. You need to be held accountable. Is there a curfew? Do they insist on making meetings? Are you required to get a sponsor and work the 12 Steps? Must you find and hold gainful employment? Good. Then you’ll have an even better chance at achieving true, long-term sobriety.

The Go-To South Florida Sober Home

Healing Properties has been the go-to South Florida sober home for men from all across the country since 2002. We’re still in business, because we mean business. And our business is sobriety. Long-term. Want proof? Check our many pages of sober house reviews. There’s you’ll find testimonials from men like you who’ve realized the miracle of sobriety. You’ll read reports of addicts who came, saw and conquered their addiction. These men didn’t choose a South Florida sober home for recreation; they chose it for a re-creation. Why? Because their very lives depended upon it. Consequently, they didn’t balk at the curfew or meetings or sponsorship or 12 Steps or any of the other requirements, including work. If anything, they welcomed the accountability. It helped them to stand tall again.

Okay, so maybe we’re a bit biased. But if we are, it’s with good reason. We’re proud of what we do here at Healing Properties. And of what we’ve done. We’re proud of the thousands of men who were able to proudly leave our ranks and become constructive members of their respective families, as well as their respective communities. And who remain standing tall and proud to this day, however many years it’s been. After nearly two decades of helping men achieve long-term sobriety, that’s a whole, helluva lot of pride.

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