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Taze Died Before He Got Help with Addiction

Taze Died Before He Got Help with Addiction

It didn’t have to happen. In fact, it wouldn’t have. If Taze had only been serious about seeking help with addiction. Taze sounded serious. Everyone believed him to be serious too. But apparently he wasn’t. Because Taze may have relentlessly said he was going to seek help, he just as relentlessly avoided doing any such thing.

The result? Well, just what you’d expect. Opioid overdose. Not just one overdose either. Taze died four times before he finally got help. Four times. That means Taze was no more on at least four occasions. It also means he could’ve come close to being no more another 10, 20 or 100 times and no one would’ve been the wiser. Nobody would’ve been on hand to save Taze either.

Seeking Help with Addiction

Yeah, we know. That headline is a rough way to get someone’s attention. But we’d rather play rough now than to not have someone to play with later. And with the way things are going, the chances of there not being a later are still higher than high.

They’re certainly higher than you’ll get from any opioid, real or synthetic. Sure, fentanyl might leave you thinking you’ve never been higher. But have you ever been higher than heaven? No?

Okay, so fentanyl might leave you higher than hell. But that’s just you. Think about the hell your overdose death will put your loved ones through. We’re talkin’ living hell. A day-in and day-out pain that never ever goes away. Really.

Do you want to put your fam and friends through that?

Of course you don’t.

Well, if you don’t seek help with addiction, you most certainly will do just that.

Want Proof?

Want proof? The National Safety Council says there were at least 75,885 preventable opioid overdoses in 2021. A full 53,992 of those overdoses were men. Didya hear that? Nearly 60,000 men died preventable overdose deaths.

No clue how many lives have been saved by Narcan, but the number has gotta be huge. Heck, the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services estimates that 60,000 overdoses were reversed due to naloxone. They also say that’s a very conservative estimate.

If Tennessee alone saved 60,000, it’d be impossible to say how many more have been saved across all fifty states. But the number is certainly well over a million. It’s gotta be.

Remember though, that means over a million times people came whisper close to no more tomorrows – ever.

Help with Addiction = Happily Ever After

Want to find your true happily ever after? Then get help with addiction. It really is that simple.

Okay, so in practice it may not really be that simple. Not at first anyway. Once you make the decision however, it’s a cinch. Provided of course you stick to the decision.

Yes, that’s the hard part. A bit trick too. Because the decision requires you to suspend disbelief a bit. It also requires you decide that you’re not gonna need another hit. Ever.

Just imagine how freeing it’ll be though to not have to spend your days chasing drugs. Because face it, that’s what every active addict does with their days. Whether they admit it or not. They have to. Otherwise they may end up without. And that is never an option.

Not so when you’re clean though. Clean means never having to scheme and scam your way through the day ever again. It also means thinking about thighs other than drugs. Things like career, family and friends. And spending time devoted to such things as well.

That’s where the fun comes in. You’ll be surprised how much fun can be had simply by hanging out with loved ones again. Especially now that you can actually concentrate on the moment, and not constantly occupy your mind with the next high. Even work can be fun again. Especially since most folks in recovery tend to either return to or find something they love doing. Heck, even those with so-called day jobs are happy to know their efforts – and their wages – are going toward their future instead of their drug dealer.

Healing Properties has been helping men with addiction since 2002. Since then we’ve helped thousands and thousands of men find true sobriety. We’ve also helped guide them into full and fulfilling lives. If you or a loved one is seeking to do likewise, please give us a ring.

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