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The Thursday Principle: Perseverence

The Thursday Principle: Perseverence

The Spiritual Principle Perseverance

The Spiritual Principle Perseverance is behind Alcoholics Anonymous’ Step Ten: “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.” We’ve made our amends. And we’ve atoned for our mistakes. Now it’s time to take everything we’ve learned from Steps Four through Nine and apply them to our lives. Daily.

Yes, daily. Each night, before we retire, we assess the goings on of the given day. Where were we angry? How were we disrespectful? In what ways were we impatient, inconsiderate, or ungrateful? And in all those instances, how were we at fault? More often than not, we’ll find that we played a large part in whatever transpired.

Before long, our nightly inventories will give us the capacity to instantly recognize our transgressions, and to adjust ourselves accordingly. And once we’ve become accustomed to immediately righting ourselves, we’ll eventually be able to preempt many of the pitfalls brought about by our inadequate behavior.

Yes, this takes time. It takes effort. And it takes diligence. But rest assured, the expected change is gonna come. And it’ll provide increasingly great reward.

Speaking of which, the daily assessment also applies to the good of our days. We’ve come a long way. And we’re being rewarded accordingly. We should highlight the plusses as much as the minusses. Allow ourselves the encouraging word or three. And be grateful for every instance.

We at Recovery Boot Camp and Healing Properties strongly advocate the Spiritual Principle perseverance, because if we don’t persevere, we fail. We know the road is long and winding, with many switchbacks and obstacles. And we also know what great good things lie up ahead. Great good things that can only come about from the Spiritual Principle Perseverance.

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