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When Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley Lost It All

Wes Bentley

When Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley Lost It All

“Last email, he was beggin’ me [to get sober],” claims Yellowstone actor Wes Bentley. “I didn’t, at first, but later, getting sober, I’d think of that email all the time.”

That’s Bentley, talkin’ about a message from Heath Ledger. It was the last message he ever received from his friend.

Bentley says, it was one of two heartfelt emails begging him to get clean. The other came from his father. That’s how bad things had become.

“I ended up going down the cocaine and heroin route,” he explained. “Hard drugs. Hard partying. You’re in clubs and you’re at after-parties, and there’s cocaine, and eventually it became heroin.”

The Hunger Games alum now has a decade of sobriety under his belt, as well as a wife, two kids and a kickass Hollywood career. Nevertheless, he still “wishes” he could’ve been a better to his “brother.”

“You’ve gotta show people now that you love them every day,” said Bentley. “Even when you’re mad at ’em, even when they’re wrong to you… tell ’em you love them, because it means more than you know, to you and to them.”

And how.

Check out the inspiring Wes Bentley second act chat with Men’s Health writer Alex Pappademas and revel in the reveal of successful sobriety. Then catch up with the Dutton clan on the Paramount Network, where every single season of Yellowstone is now streaming. Oddly enough, the show can be quite a sobering reminder about the lengths and the depths we’ve often gone to be America. It’s also storytelling at its finest.

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