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Where to Get Narcan (And How to Use It)

Where to Get Narcan

Where to Get Narcan (And How to Use It)

Do you know where to get Narcan? Do you have a dose stashed in your glovebox? How about your kitchen cupboard? The bedside table? The drawer for the remote? Well, if you or someone you know has an opioid problem and answered No to any of the previous questions, we ask that you please keep reading. Because knowing where to get Narcan might just save someone’s life – including your own.

Where to Get Narcan

Healing Properties is based in Delray Beach, so we’re going to stick to South Florida, specifically Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. But, as the handy-dandy I Save Florida search tool reveals, Narcan is increasingly available all across Florida. A quick Search will reveal where to get Narcan near you. Nevertheless, we’ve also included a few helpful national hotlines, just in case.


Where to Get Narcan in Palm Beach County

Florida Department of Health

  • West Palm Beach Clinic 1150 45th St, West Palm Beach (561) 514-5300
  • Lantana Clinic 1250 Southwinds Drive Lantana (561) 547-6800
  • C.L. Brumback Health Center 38754 SR 80 Belle Glade (561) 983-9220
  • Jupiter Health Center 6405 W Indiantown Road Jupiter (561) 746-6751
  • Northeast Health Center 851 Avenue P Riviera Beach (561) 803-7362

Center for Family Services 4101 Parker Avenue West Palm Beach (561) 616-1222

Drug Abuse Foundation (DAF) 400 S Swinton Avenue Delray Beach (561) 287-0000

Palm Beach County HUB 2120 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach (561) 472-2482

Where to Get Narcan in Broward County

Florida Department of Health

  • Edgar Mills Health Center 900 NW 31st Ave Fort Lauderdale (954) 467-4705
  • Fort Lauderdale Health Center Pharmacy 2421 SW 6th Ave (954) 467-4705
  • Paul Hughes Health Center 205 NW 6th Ave Pompano Beach (954) 467-4705

Broward Health Medical Center 1600 S Andrews Fort Lauderdale (954) 468-8082

(Outpatient Pharmacy)

Larkin Community Hospital 1201 N 37th Ave Hollywood (754) 777-5624

(Behavioral Heath Services Outpatient Pharmacy)

Memorial Regional Hospital 3501 Johnson Street Hollywood (954) 265-4632

Where to Get Narcan in Miami-Dade County

Florida Department of Health

  • Health District Center 1350 NW 14th St Miami (305) 575-3800
  • West Perrine Health Center 18255 Homestead Ave Miami (305) 324-2400
  • West Dade Family Planning Clinic 11865 SW 26th St, J2 Miami (305) 575-3800

University of Miami / IDEA Exchange

Main Site

  • 1636 NW 7th Ave Miami (305)243-2799
  • M/W/F 10am-4pm, T/Th 12-6pm, Sat 8am-11am

Mobile Unit

  • Carol City NW 182nd Ave/47th Ave (Behind CVS) Wed 9am-11am
  • Florida City Lucy Street/SW 7th Ave (Across from Save Way) Mon 9am-1pm
  • Liberty City NW 62nd St/14th Ave (Lot next to Family Post) Th 11:30am-2pm
  • Miami Beach Michigan Ave/12th St (North of Flamingo Park Stadium) T 11:30-2pm
  • Opa-Locka NW 22nd Ave/Ali Baba Ave (Across from Tiger Food) W 11:30-2pm
  • Overtown NW 11th St bet 2nd & 3rd Aves T/Th 8am-11am

Borinquen Medical Centers Numerous Locations (305) 576-6611

Camillus House 1603 NW 7th Ave Miami (305) 374-1065

Jackson Behavioral Health 1695 NW 9th Ave Suite 1311 Miami (305) 355-7203

Where to Get Narcan Nationally

The best way to find out where to get Narcan in your area is via the great good folks at the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, better known as SAMHSA. The National Helpline is a very easy to remember 1-800-662-HELP.

How to Use Narcan

Now that you know where to get Narcan, you’ll need to know how to use it. Well, there are few better outfits to deliver the proper How-To than the very manufacturer itself. The below Manufacturer’s Training Video will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use and when to administer NARCAN® Nasal Spray.

This clip from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare will give you instructions on how to use the injectable Narcan.

Narcan is Not a Solution

It doesn’t take a 100,000 person annual body count to know that opioid overdoses are bad for America, but unfortunately that’s what we’ve got. Even more unfortunately, if we don’t get and stay prepared that number’s only going to get worse. Much, much worse. And considering we have the tools to mitigate such madness, that’s inexcusable.

So yes, it’s crucial that everyone knows where to get Narcan, as well as how to use it. And while it’s especially crucial for folks who themselves are suffering from OUD, it’s just as crucial for their friends and their families. After all, who do you think will be administering that life-saving drug when the time comes? And chances are better than average that that time will indeed come.

Of course, fentanyl is dangerous to any- and everyone who comes close to it, and it isn’t only addicts and their friends who come close. Nurses, doctors and EMS workers are also a great risk, so are law enforcement officers, be they local, state or federal. That’s why officials recommend everyone with a high risk job to keep Narcan on hand. That’s also why when an emergency occurs you’ll be able to turn to the first first responder, whatever the uniform.

No Narcan is not a solution, but it could keep you alive to find the solution. So be prepared, regardless. Because until opioid overdoses are no longer a part of our landscape, you and everyone you know can be placed in danger within the blink of a pinpointed eye.

Healing Properties has been helping men achieve true sobriety since 2002. Over that time we’ve seen thousands and thousands of success stories get written right before our eyes, We’d like to give you a pen and some paper so you can write your success story too. How ‘bout it? You ready? Then give us a ring

Image courtesy the Florida chapter of NEXT Distro. The Harm Reducing Heroes at NEXT Distro provide Narcan via mail to anyone in the country who needs it.

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