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What’s in a Relapse Prevention Program?

Relapse Prevention Program

What’s in a Relapse Prevention Program?

Healing Properties’ one-of-a-kind Relapse Prevention Program significantly reduces the risk of addiction relapse. Find out how now!

Relapse Prevention Program

Are you just coming back from an unfortunate relapse? We get it. Is this your first time getting sober and you’re afraid it might not be the last? We get that too. Regardless of whether you’re just coming back from a relapse or fearful of future relapses, we’ve got news for you: Relapse is NOT a part of Recovery. It’s a part of the disease. And it can be effectively fought.

Healing Properties’ unique and educational Relapse Prevention Program employs 12-Step methodology to school you in staying true to sobriety. What’s going on inside your head right before you pick up that first drug or drink? Is it a thought? Is it a desire? Or is it a drive? And just how do you keep it in check?

HP’s Relapse Prevention Program will help you check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Relapse Prevention Facilitators

The single most effective way to achieve relapse prevention is to arm yourself with the facts about addiction. HP’s Relapse Prevention Program facilitators will show you how to identify your problem, define your solution, and gather insight into actions that will help you realize long-term sobriety. Is it always easy? Heck no. Especially in the early stages of recovery. But it is always worth it.

Helping You Every Step of the Way

HP’s Relapse Prevention Program is an eye-opening undertaking. You’ll be guided through each of the 12 Steps, one-by-one. And you’ll learn the efficacy of each. You’ll work chronologically through the Big Book, as well as The Steps We Took. And you will be taught how to combine relapse prevention techniques with good old-fashioned experience, strength, and hope. Best of all, you’ll get it all right from the source. That is, Alcoholics Anonymous. And you’ll see firsthand why and how AA has been effective for nearly a century.

HP doesn’t just give you the basics either. We deep dive into each of the 12 Steps. Where they come from. How to work them. And why they’re crucial to your recovery. Our facilitators have all worked the Steps. So they not only know what’s what, they’ll be able to show you what’s what. For real.

Consider HP’s Relapse Prevention Program an interactive process that will teach you the transcendence of recovery.

About The Steps We Took

The Steps We Took is an unofficial companion to AA’s official Big Book. It’s perfect for those who find the language of the Big Book a little hard to fathom. Yet it also serves those to whom the Big Book is everything. Its author is Joe McQ, a recovered alcoholic who firmly believed that “any problem we see in our lives can be healed with the Steps.” He also believed in the Big Book. Big time. And The Steps We Took employs a matter-of-fact vernacular to extract the deepest meaning of both. McQ’s book serves as a study guide for working a strong 12 Step Program, as well as a valuable tool for any alcoholic or addict to have in their recovery toolbox. It’s also an essential component of HP’s Relapse Prevention Program.

Relapse Prevention at HP

HP’s Relapse Prevention Program is included in both PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program). Many elements are also found in Aftercare and OP (Outpatient Program). Why? Because we know too well the high risk of relapse. We also know the risk can be mitigated. If, that is, one is provided with the proper recovery tools.

Healing Properties provides those recovery tools. In fact, we’ve been providing those tools since 2002. And we’ll continue to provide them so long as there’s a man in need of an effective relapse prevention program.

If you or you loved one is battling addiction and seeking effective treatment, please give us a call.

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