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Sober Life is Thriving All Across America

sober life

Sober Life is Thriving All Across America

From New England’s northernmost borders to Florida’s southernmost seas; from the prairies in the Heartland to the mountains of the West, more and more Americans are choosing the sober life. In fact, it’s thriving everywhere!


We praise the sober life all the time. Every single chance we get. Earlier this week we told you how Rob Lowe is still going strong after 30 years of sobriety. Earlier this month it was Anthony Hopkins‘ thriving after an astonishing 45 years. In between, there were more everyday folks, with one or two or five or fifteen years in. Each and every one of them reaping the bounty of joys and rewards made possible by the sober life.

We get it. You probably have questions. What’s the big deal? Why is it so popular? How does it work? Or Where do I join? That’s perhaps the most asked question. It’s also the easiest to answer. Because you can join the sober life anytime and anywhere. All you’ve gotta do is drop the drink and the drugs then make up your mind not to pick ’em up again. It’s that simple.

Simple doesn’t mean easy though. Not at first anyway. It simply means easier than the hard road you previously chose. And even easier by the day. Far easier.

And far more joyful and rewarding as well. We’re not peddling hyperbole here. We’re trafficking in facts. And the facts back up everything we say about the sober life. Those facts back up everything everyone else says too. Then they reinforce it all. Till it becomes indelible.

How ’bout we break it all down for you?

Living The Sober Life

Like we said, joining those in the sober life ain’t particularly easy, but it is damn simple. It also brings forth great joy and reward. You don’t need to be a Hollywood type either. For the sober life is an equal opportunity provider. Want proof? Check out what the Healing Properties alumni gang says. Wherever they come from. Whatever they do. Whether they’ve chosen to write it down or to put it on video, these testimonials are first-hand proof that there’s nothing quite like living the sober life.

There’s another big thing coursing through these testimonials and that’s gratitude. These men are thankful to a degree seldom seen or experienced in the world-at-large. Sure that’s largely because they’ve lived lives well outside the world-at-large. But it’s also because the gratitude is of a size the everyday world can’t even fathom. Then again, that’s how it goes when you’ve fallen below low and then decided to rise again.

And when we say rise, we mean rise. Families put back together. Bread put back on tables. Roofs raised over heads. New jobs. New schools. Renewed careers. Restored positions. Second chances taken seriously — and rewarded accordingly.

Mostly though, there’s renewed self-esteem. Men return to their town and their cities with heads held high. And when challenges arise, they’re met eye-to-eye.

Does it sound like a storybook world? Sure. If you mean a world where folks are happy and dreams come true. See storybook worlds come from somewhere. One of those somewheres is from folks living a sober life.

Sober Living in Delray Beach

A sober life of course starts with sober living. And sober living best begins in a sober home. Healing Properties happens to be such a place. And it’s been such a place since 2002. Over 7000 men have passed through these doors in the almost two decades of our existence. And by the time they left each was ready to take on the whole wild world.

Again though, it wasn’t particularly easy. Not at first. Just easier. Then it became easier still. Till eventually it was the easiest thing going. Why? Well, because they followed the path laid before them. A path that leads directly to success.

Here’s some of what it includes:

  • The 12 Steps: Folks have been getting a sponsor and working AA’s 12 Steps for nearly a century now. And they’ve been succeeding too. Then again, it does happen to be a pretty reliable blueprint for sober living.
  • Sober Support: Delray Beach is chock-a-block with sobriety, from your sober housemates to your high-stepping sponsor. And there’s nothing like being surrounded by sober support to help keep you sober.
  • Recovery Community: Delray Beach also happens to have an incredibly active recovery community. So you’re covered wherever you going, whether it’s a recovery-friendly employer or some sober-minded activity.
  • Abstinence: No drink. No drugs. Ever. It’s worked for a century, and we see no reason why it won’t work now. We’re not monsters though. Co-existing disorders are permitted all the medication they need.
  • Fun & Sun: We’d be remiss not to mention all the fun and sun that’s available in Delray Beach. Between the seaside sights and sounds on the Atlantic to the myriad inland park activities there’s always something healthy goin’ on.
  • Healing Properties Swears By the Sober LIfe

    Healing Properties lives by the sober life and swears by the sober life. Why? Because we’ve seen first-hand the great joys and rewards it can bring to a man. And we see no reason why everyone shouldn’t benefit from the largesse. It’s almost like having a magic elixir. Or the keys to a secret door. Shazam! Life’s grand! But the transformation is as real and as tangible as the fingers on your hand.

    What do you say? Are you looking for an about face? Would you like to be able to walk tall and look folks in the eye again? Would you dig not worrying about anything other than the next day’s success? It can happen you know. Big time. All you’ve gotta do is call. So why not pick up the phone? Do yourself a great favor? You’ll greatly appreciate it. So will your family. And so will your friends. More than you know.

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