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No, The Macklemore Relapse is Not the Name of a New LP – Not Now. Not Ever.

Macklemore Relapse 2

No, The Macklemore Relapse is Not the Name of a New LP – Not Now. Not Ever.

The good news? Macklemore is about to release a new album. In fact, the rapper chatted it up on The Kelly Clarkson Show. That’s where he also happened to come clean about his relapse. The even better news? Despite stupid rumors to the contrary, that new album is not called The Macklemore Relapse.

Seems a pop star can’t even talk straight without someone getting it crooked.

Macklemore in the Morning

The morning began with “Did you hear Macklemore talk about his relapse on Kelly Clarkson?” It’s not every day someone asks about Macklemore. Heck, it’s not even every year someone mentions Kelly Clarkson. Throw in relapse though, and it all sorta makes sense. Both Macklemore and Clarkson are in recovery – in fact, we wrote about the former’s recovery back in ‘21. And both are real life, honest-to-goodness sober success stories. We dig sober success stories. A lot. So we were naturally more than interested in learning more.

By the time the afternoon rolled around though, the subject had morphed. No longer was it simply a matter of Macklemore and Clarkson discussing recovery; it was about recovery’s ever-present enemy. Even worse, we were told that enemy had claimed naming rights on Macklemore’s latest LP!

Still, there seemed to be something more than a little off when the question became “Have you heard Macklemore’s new album is called The Macklemore Relapse“?

Off is right. Not just off base, but off-color, off-kilter and just plain offensive. Yes, Macklemore did relapse. Way back in 2020. But No, Comma, No, a Thousand Times No, the rapper’s new album is not called The Macklemore Relapse!

The Macklemore Relapse

That’s not to say Macklemore didn’t learn a thing or three about his relapse, or that he hasn’t remained insightful about it. If anything, Macklemore’s Clarkson appearance proves the cat has gleaned some seriously keen insight, both of and about his relapse. It’s also clear the cat’s still keen on his recovery.

Tres keen.

But first that relapse…

“Luckily, it was only a couple of weeks,” said Macklemore. Because “it caused a lot of pain.”

In fact, the singer said he still feels that pain, even two-and-a-half years later. And two-and-a-half years later, he’s “still working at getting back trust” too.

So even at “only a couple of weeks,” that relapse was one helluva wake-up call.

It was also “a slap in the face,” said Macklemore.

“This is your life,” he continued. “You [only] get one of these. What are you going to do with your precious time on this Earth?”

“Do you want to be secretive; do you want to be hiding; do you want to be in the shadows?,” he asked himself. “Or do you want to live your life to its fullest potential?”

How do you think Macklemore answered?

You’re right.

“Get back on it. And be honest.”

We couldn’t think of two stronger directives.

The Cause of the Macklemore Relapse

Macklemore’s relapse didn’t happen in a bubble. Then again, it kind of did happen in a bubble. COVID’s quarantine bubble . Macklemore told Clarkson that the pandemic had thrown him off his program. Like everyone in recovery, he’d had to switch to Zoom meetings. And they weren’t really cutting it. To make matters worse,  he also was grounded. Sure, everyone was grounded. With Macklemore though, being grounded means not keeping to one of the meanest schedules in Starland.

Okay, maybe we exaggerate. Then again, maybe we don’t. Whatever the case, it all came down to not keeping a strict schedule, as well as not being held accountable. Add not having a “community,” as did the ever-delightful Alyssa Milano, another recovery vet who happened to be visiting Clarkson that day, and you get three strikes that are just looking for an out.


And an out-and-out “out” at that. Sure, Macklemore’s lack of the usual scheduling, accountability and community “only” knocked him off his recovery game for “a couple weeks.” Again though, even that brief time out caused all kinds of pain.

Fortunately, Macklemore knew just what to do with that pain.

“Pain is a catalyst for great art,” Macklemore told Clarkson. Oh, don’t worry. It’s not that the rapper thinks he “need[s] to self-sabotage in order to create,” but he does acknowledge “that it created some darker, more honest, vulnerable moments on the album.” Furthermore, Macklemore “think[s] that that’s important.”

“Again though,” he said quickly, just so everyone was sure to be clear “that not why I relapsed.”

Hear that kids?

We’re fairly certain that’s not why Clarkson relapsed way back when either. Sure, the song “Sober” (off 2007’s My December) was written after a mere three months of sobriety, yet it was more soaked more in light rather than dark. Perhaps that’s why Clarkson thought “being present and being held accountable on a weekly basis” was the most important part of Macklemore’s message. Then again, the solidly charming host has always been recovery strong.

If the Comments on HannahBaybiie123’s Lyrics version of “Sober” are any indication, Clarkson’s also always served as a sort of guiding light for the recovery set. Heck, of the nearly 400 people to chime in, all were either aligned with, inspired by and/or grateful for Clarkson’s heartfelt song, as well as her sobriety quest. Many in that chorus were all three and then some.

Ben & the Bogey Boys

One of the most soberly inspiring moments was when Macklemore not only admitted his new passion in life was golf, but that he’d started his own line of golf clothes to go with. Yep, that line of gear is called Bogey Boys. And it comes off as much Cooley High as it does tricked-out Macklemore hitting the links at 80. Then again, what else would you expect from a style icon whose career rocked off with a song called “Thrift Shop”?

Speaking of songs, yes, Macklemore does have a fistful of new jams, including the slamming “Heroes” (featuring DJ Premier). And yep, you guessed it, those jams will be making their way on to a new longplayer. What’s it called? Ben. Got it? Macklemore’s new album is called Ben. And it racks on 3.3.23. Whether Ben stands for golf legend Ben Hogan or Michael Jackson’s same-named song or something else entirely is anyone’s guess. (At least for now.) Whatever the reason though, and however much darkness that name may or may not reveal, let alone mask, the new album is not called The Macklemore Relapse.

Why? Well, we believe it’s because Macklemore’s been there and done that. We further believe it’s because he has no need to ever go back.

Here! Here!

If you are a loved one are having trouble with relapse and/or recovery and could use an assist, please call Healing Properties. We’ve been helping men get clean and stay clean since 2002, and we’d be absolutely honored to help you too. Meantime, an extra-special Thanks to Macklemore for showing us and everyone else such solid recovery. It’s a good look. A damn good look. Even better draped in the finery that is Bogey Boys!

Photo: Macklemore sporting Bogey Boys courtesy Jake MagrawJMDM Creative

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