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Finding the Best Addiction Treatment Program for You

best addiction treatment program

Finding the Best Addiction Treatment Program for You

Finding the best addiction treatment program can be as easy as 1,2,3. All you’ve gotta do is read on and find out what makes an addiction treatment program best for you in the first place.

What Makes a Best Addiction Treatment Program?

The best addiction treatment programs all have a few essential components. And without those components the rehab shouldn’t even rate on your radar. No fooling. Addiction treatment is too important to do otherwise. After all, we’re talking about your very life.

Before you choose a rehab, make sure you can check off the following:

  • Is it accredited? Local, state and federal accreditation means the rehab has been suitably vetted for safety, security and effectiveness by official addiction treatment stakeholders.
  • Is it in a healthy place? You’re going to rehab to get healthy. You’ll get even healthier if the rehab you choose is located in a temperate location near beaches and parks and other recreational opportunities.
  • Is its staff in recovery? Nobody does recovery better than a professional staff who’s been there and done that and knows what it takes to never have to go there and do that again.
  • Does it provide a variety of options? The best rehabs give you the opportunity to choose between PHP, IOP, OP & Aftercare in increments from 30 to 60 to 90 days. They also permit you to stay on even longer in Sober Living if necessary.
  • There’s more, of course. (Isn’t there always?) But these four takeaways are absolute musts. So again, if you’re looking for the best addiction treatment program, first check accreditations, location, staff and options.

    The Best Addiction Treatment Program for You

    We get it. You’re not like everybody else. You’ve got specific needs. You’ve got certain desires. And you’ve also got a set of unmitigated musts. You also believe there isn’t a rehab in all the land that can meet your needs, desires and musts. That’s why you’ve yet to seek addiction treatment.

    That’s what you say anyway. To your friends, to your family and to yourself. Which is basically like saying “it’s not my fault.”

    It’s also an excuse. Or, in your case, excuses. You can’t leave the family for 60 days. You can’t leave your job for 90. Or you don’t want to leave your beloved hometown even for a minute.

    Find me an addiction treatment program that can allow me to stay where I need to stay and do what I need to do and maybe we can talk.

    Well, let’s start talkin.’ Why? Because Healing Properties designs addiction treatment plans to fit the needs of the clients. That’s why. And since you’re a prospective client, we’ll design a plan for you too.

    Can’t leave the family for 60 days? No problem. We’ve got an awesome 30 day PHP program that’ll minimize your time away. Can’t leave your job for 90 days? Then take advantage of our IOP program, which allows you to work while you’re in treatment. Don’t want to leave your hometown? Well, how else are you gonna get sober? If your hometown is like our hometown, it’s loaded with the triggers and temptations which drive your addiction. And if you’re like us, you love pulling triggers and succumbing to temptation. So why not give you and your hometown a break? Besides, just think of how much better things will look when you come home healthy and sober.

    Healing Properties offers other recovery options of course. Scores of other options. How else could we become the best addiction treatment program for you?

    If you or your loved one is battling addiction to drugs and or alcohol, please give us a call. We’d very much like to help.

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